Mattress Cleaning Singapore

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Mattress cleaning in Singapore involves cleaning and disinfecting of our beds, not only from allergens but also due to the constant traffic of human traffic to the bedroom. Mattress cleaning in Singapore is quite easy, as it does not take much time as compared to other parts of Asia. The most important thing while cleaning your mattress is to keep it clean. By keeping the mattress dry, you will reduce the dust mites and bacteria from growing on the mattress. Mattress cleaning in Singapore is done by using a disinfectant and sanitizer with an emphasis on chemical disinfectants. The most common chemical used is Benzalkonium Chloride, which is an anti-bacterial agent.

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After vacuuming, the mattress is sprayed with a cleaning solvent. The wet surface areas are then left to dry for about 10 minutes for the chemicals to be absorbed completely. The dry surfaces are then vacuumed well by using a steam cleaning machine. Steam cleaning of high-end steam vacuums infiltrates deeply into the embedded dirt particles in the mattress for superior and effective cleaning.

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